Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Where did i go????

Well I thought no one loved me and no one would miss me if I took a break from blogging but I was totally wrong!
WOW - you guys are enjoying reading my blatherings and even left me comments! I had no idea there were any comments being left as when I switched over domain I accidentally turned off my comment notification- DOH!
Anyhuuuuu I am back.
No spend October is over. I went over board and bought a road bike, some Cavalli dresses and an iPad mini and now I am broke again. OH WELL!! Have already been out for a cycle and played on my ipad this morning so at least I am using them. It is a public holiday here so I have a lot of blogging catching up to do on my day off work. Ta Ta for now my lovelies - the blogging madness returns shortly

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